Las Vegas, Nevada

Disclaimer: While we are passionate about educating people on Medicare, Just Medicare Advisors is currently only licensed in the state of Nevada to assist with policy placement.

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Employer Resources

If you are an HR person, do you wish you had a partner that could help explain Medicare to your employees?

You have found one in Just Medicare Advisors.

We work with companies to help educate your pre-65 employees on the ins and outs of Medicare.  What to expect?  When to enroll?  And we can help them choose plans when the time is right based upon their individual needs and preferences.  

Our Services

There is no cost for the following services. This is what we do. We just want to help employees transition from employer-sponsored coverage to Medicare coverage as easily as possible.

Medicare newsletter

Quarterly Newsletter

A quarterly newsletter that we can co-brand for your pre-65 employee population. Distributed via email.​

Medicare Lunch On Us

Lunch On Us

On-site employee education meetings - we’ll bring lunch.​

Medicare Postcard


A postcard with a QR code for employees when they retire with basic information and contact information that you can hand them.

Medicare Poster


Posters that can be placed in a lunchroom or meeting room if applicable.

Medicare Email Content

Email Content

Email content that you can send to your remote employees

Why choose Just Medicare Advisors

In working with Just Medicare Advisors, you have the confidence in knowing that we understand employer-sponsored health coverage.  Because of our deep knowledge, we can answer many questions that people have about what is different.  What to expect. 

We work with the best insurance carriers in the market

Anyone who works with us has access to numerous plans and provider networks.

Experienced Healthcare + Insurance Professionals

With Just Medicare Advisors, you can trust that everyone will receive the expert advice they need to get the most out of their healthcare coverage and insurance. We are experienced in helping people understand what they’ve purchased and how to access it. In addition, if our team is unavailable, clients can access a convenient concierge call center for fast assistance and answers to any frustrations with insurance carriers. Most importantly, we don’t offer anything else—no menu items or other insurance policies. It’s all about just Medicare.